Transformations—Revealing nature’s complex balance by Ramona du Houx

Ramona du Houx uses the camera with a painter's eye. She has exhibited internationally. In Japan she is represented by Gallery Storks of Tokyo.

The technique she discovered back in 1979 in New York uses movement to create a sense of wonder through colors, textures, memories, and the seasons. Everything within the viewfinder becomes more visibly interconnected, when objects merge with the motion of the camera, as the image, the "lightgraph," is taken.

"Sometimes when people look deeply into these images, they relax and find a tranquil place in the soul, as one would by taking time to be at peace in nature. At other times, the photographs can refresh, excite, and energize one’s soul, as if one were standing by a waterfall. The images have been said to be dreamlike, healing, Zen meditative, and thought provoking.

"Through, Transformations, I hope to connect viewers with nature's magic by revealing her complex balance." 

—Ramona du Houx

ISBN: 97818821903000

Polar Bear & Company

40pp. $17.95