To Denmark, with Love

 Asbjorn Gyldenlund -Illustrator

What would you do with a dead badger on your doorstep? If you're Judy Falck-Madsen, consternation gives way to laughter, and recollection produces one of many wonderfully humorous anecdotes about town life and the countryside of Denmark.

To Denmark, With Love is Judy's delightful account of the day-to-day joys and tribulations of family life in the land of Hans Christian Andersen during the '60's -'70's.

The story lines are furnished by friendly Danes, mischievous children, an assortment of animals, both wild and domestic, and one genuine Viking - the author's husband, Finn. It's a life that's built on a deep respect for nature, tradition, and just plain fun. Denmark provides the setting, but the wisdom gained is universal.

Price: $15.95

Number of Pages:            218

Number in Series:            1

Original Languages:            English

Author:            Falck-Madsen, Judith , 

Publisher:            Polar Bear & Company

ISBN-13:            9781882190423

Product Dimensions 5.50 x 0.50 x 8.50 Inches