About the Solon Center's Books

The page you've just left had Polar Bear & Company's most recent publications.

For a full list of our titles please go to Polar Bear & Company.

Polar Bear & Company has been publishing high-quality works of cultural significance for since 1998, with over 60 titles. With international distribution we reach around the globe. 

The books listed on this site are Polar Bear's most recent titles as the business became an inprint of the Solon Center in 2015.

At Polar Bear & Company we strive to enhance the quality of life through literature and art. We hope to give well-intentioned, creative people avenues for their words, wisdom, wit and other talents so they can reach individuals to create stronger communities.

Democracy flourishes when creativity is allowed freedom of expression.

Polar Bear & Company became an imprint of the Solon Center for Reserach and Publishing in 2015.