Indian Connections

Too often the gifts of native peoples are overlooked, yet American Indian culture — is our culture. Indian Connections showcases the lives of a diverse group of Maine American Indians and their continuing contributions to humanity, as well as anthropologists and historians helping to tell our true history. We are bringing their stories, history, and culture to a wider audience with the Indian Connections website, and invite others to join.

Currently we’re working with a Penobscot elder. We are reaching out to the Wabanaki Confederation to ensure all Maine tribes will be included on our website. Our goal is to have Native Americans from across the country represented there, bringing together communities across America. We intend to publish books with the Solon Center’s imprint, Polar Bear & Company, that emerge from Indian Connections. We’ve already published Project Omaha Beach: The Life and Military Service of a Penobscot Indian Elder, by Charles Norman Shay.

If you’d like to be showcased there, or know someone who should be included on the Indian Connections website, please contact Ramona du Houx, the lead of the project.