Factum: Writing by Makers

The Solon Center is starting its first magazine of literary journalism and lyric essays, Factum. The periodical will highlight writing by makers, people who speak with experience in fields ranging from design, boat-building, and baking, to art and engineering. Conversation will circle around issues of making, process, the studio, the logic, frustrations, and themes involved in practice, though it will likely branch out from there. Our editorial staff will treat these professional makers as experts in their field by dint of their practice. In the same way that Creative Time Reports in New York solicits articles by artists, edits them to a standard acceptable to newspapers and magazines, and then places them in the mainstream press, editors at Factum will work closely with makers to bring their voices to a wider audience. The voices and ideas that come from studio offer fresh, exciting alternatives to standardized writing; they are experimental, poetic, full of imagery, and deeply honest.